Saturday, July 8th, 2017
Swangard Stadium, Burnaby BC



by A.S.W.


Vancouver’s premier local music and food vendor expo, Tacofest is a family friendly, fun in the sun all day music experience like no other.

It’s an all ages welcome 10 hour feast of the senses!

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Celebrating Tasty Tacos and Live Music in Vancouver

In Partnership with the Society for the Advancement of Musicians

The purpose of the Society For The Advancement Of Musicians (SAM) is to help further the careers and better the lives of local musicians in British Columbia. Founded in 2017, SAM is passionate about helping local musical artists get the support they need in an environment where that support is all too often non-existent. We help musicians navigate many aspects of the industry, such as performance booking, access to recording and rehearsal spaces, video and promotional production, as well as mentoring and guidance. We could not exist without the support of local musical enthusiasts such as yourselves, so thank you for attending TacoFest 2017!

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Advance tickets are $20 – remember, if you wait until the last moment tickets are $25 at the door.
That $5 difference could be a taco (or two!) melting in your mouth!

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