Big John Bates

Big John Bates: Noirchestra weaves rustic lyrics into gothic Americana with theatrical live performance. The songs draw broadly from the fertile alternative underground, from Dead Moon to 16 Horsepower to the Eurythmics.

Los Furios

Los Furios is a six-piece band from Vancouver, British Columbia which has performed across Western Canada since 2000. Los Furios began adding horns to the line-up in 2001 and have been evolving their blend of punk, ska, and reggae ever since.

Blackout Lights

Loud. But not without melody. You gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette. Chainsaw guitars. The smell of burnt rubber. Sonic earphoria. Slivers under your fingernails. Melodic. Abrasive. Dirty. A sense of purpose. And all the rock you can shake a stick at. ..


Cawama is a Surf/Punk Garage Rock revivalist band formed in Vancouver BC combining influences of 80’s and early 90’s Garage Rock with a twist of 60’s and 70’s Rock & Roll Surf and Old School Punk to create a fresh new groove.

Year of the Wolf

A group of musicians who love music at any capacity. Extracting influences from Indie Rock, Blues, Country and whatever else they can get their hands on the dynamic of the group is undeniable. Year of the Wolf is a group of friends with a strong work ethic that combines with honest song writing to create a sound that is truly unique.

Matt Hoyles

Matt Hoyles is a low down, wailing bluesman from New Zealand. Whether it’s the gypsy blood, some weird, untold astrological phenomena, or the impact of spending 2 years in Detroit as a kid… maybe it was being the middle child… heck, maybe the moon was just right, and there was goofer dust in the air, or maybe he just got dropped on the head one too many times. Whatever the cause, this boy was born with the blues in his heart.

Colby Morgan & the Catastrophes

A powerful combination of garage rock intensity with pop sensibility.